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Introduction to Module 5 Our next chapter in the Cybrary CISSP course explores Physical Security, this section is broken up into a 2 part lesson. You'll learn what the number one priorities are, what the most important goals considerations for each type security system required, if there are special considerations to accommodate, compliance obligations, for instance with power and safety, or environment factors such as building appearance, and proximity to natural resources. We'll also discuss how all these components impact risk assessment and determine security infrastructure and its design. Equally important, you'll receive some excellent study guide tips on what to consider for this topic, effective time management for the material. Part 1.1 In this next part of Physical Security, we look at physical threats and examine what they are and the various types as well as how they are managed thru the risk management process and what types of actions we can take to mitigate the adverse effects to physical security threats. We discuss at length the pros and cons of each type of protection, the difference between a deterrent and preventative, and the benefits of layered security infrastructure.

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