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Hey, everyone, welcome to the personal branding fundamentals. Course, my name is Ken. I'll be your instructor for this course and this video. We're gonna talk through any prerequisites for this course, the intended audience as well. It's a little background about myself here, instructor. We'll talk about if there's any supplementary material for the course and the overall course structure itself.
So there are no prerequisites for this course. It is helpful. If you've
used any type of social media before, we're gonna cover some basic tips on things like Facebook, Twitter and Linked in. But again, there are no actual prerequisites for this particular course
Target audience. Is anyone looking to build their personal brand to understand branding itself and its understand how they can use social media to leverage their personal brand?
Now, this might be people going for a new job or trying to find a job. This might be people looking to brand themselves in their business, and maybe they started a business or they're looking to start a business, so it's kind of covering the whole gamut there. But really anyone that's looking to build up their personal brand,
so who am I? Well, my name's Can Underhill. I currently hold the EEC Council certified ethical hacker and computer hacking forensic investigator
certifications. I'm a master instructor of Sai Buri. I hold a graduate degree in cybersecurity and information assurance.
I'm also an agent professor of digital forensics, and I recently won an award from SC Media for Outstanding Educator. So that's a little bit of background about myself
from the supplementary materials. It's really just gonna be a downloadable tips guide for social media. So just giving those tips again for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, Um, but definitely research on your own as well.
This course is gonna be made up of Power point presentations. We do have one video where I show you a website called social media examiner dot com,
but there are no hands on labs in this course. It's just power points as well as some screen sharing for that website I mentioned as well as when we do our analysis on linked in.
So in this video, what is covered some prerequisites for this course again, there are none. We covered the intended audience, which is really just anybody looking to build your personal brand. We covered my background is your instructor as well as the supplementary material, which again is just a tip sheet for you to download. And then the course structure itself.
In the next video, we're to talk about what is a brand. So what, actually is a brand?
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Personal Branding Fundamentals

Join Cybrary’s own Master Instructor, Ken Underhill, as he takes you on a journey to building your personal brand. ou’ll start by identifying your way and then learn how to use social media to your advantage.

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