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In this video we go into more detail regarding the PCI DSS framework. We take a look at the 12 elements that comprise it along with its goals which consist of: - Build and maintain a secure network - utilize firewalls, routers and other devices to protect the network and its resources. These devices should implement secure configurations: don't use default configurations and settings! - Data at rest and in transit must be secured. - Implement a vulnerability management program consisting of risk management and secure development standards for software. - Implement access control measures - define what objects a subject is permitted access to and what actions can be performed on them. - Monitor and test networks - perform regular testing and develop policies focused on security.

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This series covers the framework governing the self-regulated payment processing industry. Compliance with these standards is critical. Learn the 12 elements of the framework and how they pertain to risk management in relation to cardholder data.

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Kelly Handerhan
Senior Instructor