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Video Transcription
Hello and welcome to Siberia. Comp TIA Certified Van Security Practices Certification Preparation Course.
This particular martyr is modern three and the topic years. Organizational Security.
These other learned objectives, which encompasses margin on the three.
What we gonna do now is focus attention upon
Section five, since we already cover these other sections in previous videos, and this was titled Participate and Security Awareness and Training.
Such and five. Obviously,
let's not turn attention toward a pre assessment course, Tim, and the question is as follows. Security awareness training aimed to educate users on isn't a what they can do to maintain opens a security posture. Be had security at home computer systems. See
the work performed by the infamous security organization
or, lastly, d Hi Attackers Defeat security safeguards.
If you said like a, you're absolutely correct because security awareness training what it does that aims to educate uses on what they can do to maintain the organization security posture.
We look at security awareness training
the first thing we realized that people are recognized as being the weakest link
and protecting your information systems. The purpose of a computer security awareness, training and education is to enhance security by improving awareness of the need to protect your system. Resource is it also develop skills and provide your use with skills and knowledge to the computer. Users can perform their job more securely.
It's also gonna build in depth knowledge as meeting
to design, implement or operate secretive programs four organizations and systems, but also provide awareness of the threats to your organization as well.
Now, obviously, when you implement security awareness training, it is a highly proactive activity. Awareness program in this case can significantly reduce or minimize potential risk by dressing behavior. Elements of security
uses opposite on the front line for the texture of threats that may not be detectable by automated means. So your employees should be educated on recognizing and escalating such events. There, literally your eyes and ears for your organization.
They play a major role, and in happen, you assistant you and mitigate the various threats or potential threats to your organization.
Now, when you look at security awareness training, that memory, some different topics that you need to discuss a lot of time, these different toppings maybe only run of it to your particular organization, so you need to first find water, the areas that most of concern to you as a security professional, particularly if you're gonna be a future certified security practitioner.
And there s followed. We may wanna teach our train your use own physical security.
We also want to train them on password fishing, Social India as well as male, wet as well.
So in this particular top, we discuss participate in security awareness training and one thing on the Mitchell executed where this training this training ship take place, at least angrily. However, depending on your organization dependent on various threats, you may decide to do this every six months. Obviously, when you see users who have bodily this process,
you need to make sure they go through some type of refresher training. That's very important
in our upcoming topics. We'll be taking a look at the key takeaways from particular module Organizational security.
Look forward to seeing you in the next video
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