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This lesson offers a brief review of the key points of the module: - Intrusion detection monitoring - Vulnerability assessments - Penetration testing

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This lesson offers a brief review of the key points of the module: - Intrusion detection monitoring - Vulnerability assessments - Penetration testing

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Okay. So as a wrap up, we just talked about monitoring and controlling risks and that requires that were ever vigilant, that we're reviewing our audit logs, that we're looking for intrusion detection system and not just we're sitting around waiting for it to alert us to an attack, but that we're constantly reviewing the logs,
making sure that it's configured properly. We want to conduct vulnerability assessments and pen tests on our network
because that's the way that we find out. Are the mechanisms configured properly? And will they withstand an attack from really inside or outside? So this is certainly
is that the final chapter off see risk? But it's also such an essential piece. Never can we just rest on our laurels and say I've secured the network. So we do all the things that we do things, we just start right back over. So
from this point forward, we've covered all the material of the sea risk exam.
You're ready to go, you're ready to test. What I recommend from here on out would be I recommend that you go back and review the videos as needed. Um, I would certainly focus on the ideas of risk identification than risk assessment,
then risk mitigation those three or where the majority of the exam comes from.
If you have access to some practice questions, and if you just Google practice questions for see risk, you'll find that they're resource is out on the Web. There are some that wanna charge there, some that are free Google free see risk questions. But I would dive in and start seeing some sample questions
so that you can get a feel for what the exam is gonna be like.
Now. They offer the exam three times a year. June, September in December, get on the schedule. So if you're thinking about taking it in December, they actually are. I'm sorry. In September or December or even June, they usually close off registration.
Ah, at least a month
before testing. So you're not gonna wait until the last minute get a test? They only offered three times a year. They're very particular when and where they offer it. My best recommendation is even if you don't think you're ready, schedule it with I Sacha and then make yourself ready for that date. Worst case scenario. You could change the schedule
so my big recommendations
review the materials. If there were some that you found to be tricky,
do some review questions so that'll get your feet wet as far as what the exam's gonna be like. And get the exam on the schedule. Justus. Quickly as you can. I certainly wish you the best of luck. And I thank you for watching the videos and I look forward Hopefully for you Enjoying some more videos from Cyber Eri Thanks so much.

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