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This lesson covers database security which is mainly supported by two key elements: • DAM Database Activity monitoring • FAM File Activity Monitoring • DLP Data Loss Prevention systems

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Okay, now, looking on it. Database security. Ah, we're looking here a two key elements. We have database activity monitoring and file activity monitoring. And then also, we would then take a look at data loss prevention systems as well. So when we talk about database activity, monitoring
what we're essentially doing here is we're taking all the sequel activity
in real time or as close to real time as you can. And ultimately, what we're looking to do is to prevent things like code injection, all right. And then the file activity monitoring or fam for short. Make sure that the file repositories
is, uh is monitored and that any sort of alerts would be triggered based on violations.
And next, we look at data loss prevention system, sometimes called data leak prevention systems, but ultimately, what we would be looking for Thes systems are certain types of information, especially based on format like social security number or credit cards or account numbers, credit card numbers or account numbers.
making sure that we're alerted to any sort of ex filtration or export of that information. You know, you look at companies that have had, you know, tens of millions of credit card number stolen. Well, that's what the's DLP systems were designed to detect and ideally trigger an alert
log entry
move forward in some way That would help us mitigate the loss of that information.
All right, now, when we talk about data security in the cloud making sure we're protecting down a moving to and from transport protocols that our secure S S L T l s. And when I say SSL again really were using to get less Premier Li and I p set
once status in the cloud we encrypted
and with data being migrated or detecting data migrated to the cloud. That's where the database monitoring file Mama turned data loss prevention. There's also a kn idea of data dispersion. That data is replicated to multiple physical locations,
and that's a good thing. A CE farce fault. Tolerance goes.
And then there's data fragmentation. So taking a data set and breaking it down into smaller fragments and having those different fragments across multiple machines so that a single compromise would not compromise all the information

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