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This lesson covers the roles and benefits of cloud computing. In this lesson participants learn about cloud computing roles which cover the following: • Cloud customer • Cloud provider • Cloud backup service provider • Cloud services broker • Cloud service auditor • Cloud administrator • Cloud application architect • Cloud data architect • Cloud architect • Cloud service manager Participants also learn why the cloud is so beneficial to users; as it offers, among other things; scalability, cost savings and reduced infrastructure.

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Okay, so we've talked about some definitions. Let's move on to talking about roles within the cloud. So of course we have our cloud customer. So this is the entity that wants to utilize Cloud service is whether they subscribe or they implement the cloud in house. And if they do subscribe, then they would subscribe from a cloud service provider.
So a lot of times you'll see this previous does C S P
Cloud service provider. But ultimately they're the ones that provide the cloud platform of which to work. Same idea with the cloud backup service provider.
Now there's also a cloud service. Is broker that sort of access and in between, or a go between between the customers and the cloud service provider working on behalf of the customers, really trying to make sure that they implement the cloud based solution that's most beneficial for them
and that they get a good deal essentially
cloud service auditors. This is important because when we do outsource, our efforts are platforms, whatever they may be to the cloud. We have to make sure that we have a well written service level agreement, and we have to make sure that that service level agreement is being followed.
Ah, whether it's in relation to the security mechanisms, up time, whatever that might be.
And that's where a Cloud Service auditor comes in. Of course, what's important is that their third party and we'll discuss some of these elements in a little while. Okay, I get not necessarily gonna go through every single one of the's rolls. Ah, the Cloud data architect, Cloud application architect.
Ultimately, the cloud architect
will, uh, you know, control the configuration, the structure, making sure that everything set up two to move to the cloud or to implement or deploy in the cloud environment. So there's each of those architecture will do the same thing for their perspective
All right, why the cloud and again the cloud is, is such an important topic today. And it's such a popular idea. So we've got a kind of ask ourselves why why was all of a sudden just everybody seems to be moving to the cloud off Lots of very good reasons
Scale, ability, elasticity, savings of costs, which is the big ones,
our internal infrastructure, which goes back to savings of calls less overhead pay as you go. You know this a good chart because it kind of shows each of these elements. So when we talk about scale ability, the idea is my organization. Congrats very, very quickly
without me having to purchase a lot of resource is in the House
because Cloud service providers already have tremendous resource is tremendous band with processing storage capabilities. That would be very expensive for me as a business owner to acquire, especially in a short period of time. If we just had a really quick area of substantial growth,
we could grow very large. Now. The idea of the elasticity is we could also shrink. So we have that ability to kind of expand and contract as the business does without a lot of costs Me. As a matter of fact, this idea of pay as you go
gives me that the ability to pay when I use more resource is and pay less when I use fewer Resource is
so That's certainly to call savings. I'm not
paying for the infrastructure and house. I'm not paying for management. I'm reducing costs in my I T staff s o. You know, this reduced infrastructure does give me call savings less overhead. You know, less resource is that I have to fund,
you know it can be is basically, you know, a lower electricity bill
comes along because I'm not hosting The service is in house, you know, they're all sorts of little benefits that come along with using the plow so easy and agile employment. You know, when I want to deploy an application world wide, the cloud makes it very, very easy to do so.
Lots of automation there.
Ideally, we would look for secure
management resource is all of those elements. So the cloud is becoming very, very popular and for lots of good reasons, lower cost of ownership, total cost of ownership. And I'll tell you, maybe expensive to move to the cloud originally. But when you look at the date today costs
the cloud does tend to be much cheaper for many organizations.

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