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This lesson covers data storage and focuses specifically on Information as a Service (IaaS) which includes: • Volume storage • Object storage (e.g, Dropbox) IaaS can be used on either an independent or virtual machine.

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okay, So when we're looking at the very storage architecture that's available to us, several different types that we could think of. First of all, we would think about volume storage. So we're actually looking at usually the way this is. Maine is just through virtual hard drives
into the various tenants on this plowed server would have virtual hard drives, and that's where their gabba in there
requirements or their their storage contents would be placed in block storage or volume storage. Eso, ultimately just like a file server on the network, is how you feel. But that's actually being stored on the cloud.
Now with objects. Storage is so, for instance, Dropbox is a really good example of objects towards. That's not where you put your database,
but it is where I put files so that I can access them quickly so object storage is also available independent or having an entire virtual machine
would be another way in order to manage storage. The important thing about this, those because laws vary across jurisdictions and many of us are in industries in which there are regulations and legislation that has the requirements on how and where and
and uh, the security mechanisms of how we protect privacy. We need to make sure where our physical data is stored and, of course, how it's being protected
now for platform as a service. When we talk about storing data, Um,
they're two types of data storage structured and unstructured. So when we talk about structure that's very typically database format columns and rows, Um, it's very easy to store. It's very easy to retrieve Information from
Excel Access Sequel. All those things are structured
four minutes now. Unstructured text, any sort of media of email contents. That's unstructured. So it's not in the traditional format, so understanding each of those types has its place in Platform is a service,
then his software is a service we think about,
the data being stored. You know, we access the application, and the data is really stored within the context of the application. So we get on the front end application of Web access, the Web in her face and then back end. It's stored
through the context of that application, so understanding how the dare data is stored where it's stored the different formats.
I think that's significant for the exam

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