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This lesson offers participants of what they can expect to learn in the course. This course coves the six domains of CCSP: • Domain 0: Introduction and exam specifics • Domain 1: Architecture concepts and design requirements • Domain 2: Cloud data security • Domain 3: Cloud platform and infrastructure • Domain 4: Cloud application security • Domain 5: Operations • Domain 6: Legal and compliance

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All right, so let's talk a little bit about the exam and what the course is gonna offer for you. So as we look at the six domains of C. C. S p where to start off doing a little bit of introduction, talk a little bit about what the exam is and what you can expect. Then we're gonna go ahead and jump into the material.
So in domain one, we're gonna talk about some concepts of life in the cloud. We'll look at some architectural concepts,
some design requirements and sort of familiarise ourselves with the environment that we're gonna look for. Then we're gonna talk about that. A security in the cloud. How do we provide confidentiality, integrity and availability for those things that we choose to store in the cloud or the service is that we choose to utilize,
Ah, the cloud platform in the infrastructure. What makes the cloud? How does it work?
What are the necessary elements that we need in order to support the clout? Then we'll look at applications security from the cloud. Ah, and talk about some of the ways that we would make sure our applications air safe and honestly outpatient security isn't necessarily
all that differently. Cloud. Then it would be just,
you know, hosted in house. A secure application is a secure application. Then we'll move into some operations, and our final chapter is legal in compliance. All right, so what is the woods are the requirements for the exam? All right, So
in addition to passing the test, you have to have five years of full time. I t
three of those years must be in security and one year more in one of the six domains.
Now, if you have the C C s K, which comes from Cloud Security Alliance and that's the clouds, certify our certified cloud security knowledge that would substitute this one earning the C I. S S P credential. This last line here a second last line
may be substituted for the entire C. C S P experience requirement.
So for those of you that are already C I S S P s, you automatically meet the requirements
for the C. C. S P certification. That's a good thing. Um, if you do not meet the experience requirements, you can sit the exam and still receive an associate of I s C Square. And then once your experience catches up with you, and then you would take on the full certification.
you know the quick bullet points here, You gotta have a least five years experience. Three years in information security. This CCS case certification will help you wave one or all can be waived if you have C I s s P credentials, all right.
Prior to the exam, what do you need to do?
you have to pay the exam fee and that is different from region to region is we don't really address that there. But when you scheduled your exam through whichever testing agency you choose, obviously you can find out the price there.
Um, you will need thio test to the truth of your assertions. Basically, when you do go through and fill out the application and state your requirements, you need to attest to that. And you'll also need to sign the I S C. Square code of ethics.
You could do that digitally
and therefore prequalification questions. You would have to answer essentially
the questions about your background in any potential criminal history you may have.
All right, what's the exam like or fun filled hours 125 questions. So it's very doable. The question format is purely multiple choice. No dragon drops, no image arrangement, no point klicks any of that stuff that you may have seen on other vendor exams.
Purely Multiple Choice A, B, C and D.
Currently, the exams only offered in English a CZ. The certification becomes, well, more well known. That will change, and Pearson views the testing center that offers the certification. I'll also mention I s C two dot or GE is where you would get to schedule the exam.

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