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This lesson addresses what happens after a BCP is researched and planned out and now the plan is ready to be put into writing. A strong business continuity plan needs to address: • Responsibility • Authority • Priorities • Testing Testing needs to happen once a year, or as the result of major changes and the type of testing depends on the type of organization. Types of testing include: • Parallel Test • Full-Interruption Test After testing, a review of conducted and the plan goes into a maintenance mode. The remaining phases of the Business Continuity Plan (BCP): 1. Plan and Design Development 2. Implementation: three phases following a disruption a. Notification/Activation b. Recovery Phase: Failover c. Reconstitution: Failback 3. Testing a. Checklist Test b. Structured Walk Through c. Simulation Test d. Parallel Test e. Full interruption Test 4. Maintenance

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