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Whew, we've come to the final video in Module 04! This video is short and sweet, but wraps up a module that was rather long and very testable on the CISSP certification exam. It can't be stressed enough, but you need to know the OSI reference model inside and out! Recall that it not only includes the protocols associated with each layer, but also includes the devices and threats targeting each layer. In addition, you should know about the main firewall types and how they work with each layer. You should also be aware of how the layers in the OSI model map to those in the TCP/IP reference model. We also discuss how wireless networking is an important topic to know for the exam. Know the three wireless encryption protocols along with the vulnerabilities with the earlier ones. And again, be aware of the threats targeting wireless. Finally, we mention that while WAN is still a relevant subject area, it should only require a mild review for the CISSP exam.

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Okay, so wrapping up telecommunications and network security, that's a long chapter. There's a lot of information in it. It's also a very testable chapter. Start with the OS. I model because that gives you a good understanding of really a lot of information that we cover.
You know, in the S I model. We talked about protocols. We talked about network devices. We mentioned the threats at the various layers, and we also discussed
Ah, the difference in firewalls is driven by the layer of the O S. I model. Spend a lot of time there. Don't forget knowing how it maps to the TCP P model. Um, wireless communications. Very, very important. No wept W p A and W p a to,
ah, and then review when technology wouldn't go nuts there.
I don't think you're going to see very many questions on when technologies, but again, this is an important chapter. Spend your time there, spend it wise

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