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This lesson covers the Business Continuity Plan (BCP) phases. There are seven phases: 1. Project initiation 2. Business impact analysis 3. Recovery strategy 4. Plan design and development 5. Implementation 6. Testing 7. Maintenance

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Okay, let's go ahead and look at the seven phases of business continuity Planning. Um and I'll tell you, it really depends on which source should go to, uh, Miss Special Publication 800-34.
There's ice. 0 27 03 won their various Ah, there is information from the Business Continuity Planning Institute.
There are all sorts of elements and entities that would have input here. And the thing that's most important understand this, regardless of which entity is putting forth their plan or the various faces of plan, they really are all ultimately the same. You start with policy now here, you see, we've got project Initiation,
but what really happens in project initiations? We get policy.
Then we do a business impact analysis huge, so important it helps us prioritize what to do.
Then we figure out what strategies in place how we can recover the elements that are most significant to us. We plan designed and developed the plan. We implement the plan. We tested them. We maintain it. So it doesn't really matter what entity you look too. You're going to see the seven elements in place.
All right, so you can see them sort of visually here in a flow initiation business, impact analysis,
recovery, strategy, plan, design and development of the actual plane itself. Then we implement the measures of the plan, test it and maintain.
All right, so Project initiation again. The big point of project initiation is to get the support from senior management. This is where senior management gives us their policies there sign off their blessing, their commitment and support in writing have tohave it before we can move forward,
make sure you know,
move forward It moving forward is on Lee
the feasible once we have a policy.

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