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This lesson covers the relationship of RPO, RTO, WRT and MTD: - Recovery Point Objective (RPO): the maximum sustainable data loss based on backup schedules and recovery - Recovery Time Objective (RTO): the duration of time required to bring critical systems back online - Work Recovery Time (WRT): the duration of time needed to recover lost data (based on RPO) and to enter data resulting from work backlogs (manual data generated during system outage that must be entered). - Maximum Tolerable Downtime: The duration of RTO plus the WRT.

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Now here's just a little bit of a chart that shows the relationship between these elements that we discussed.
So we start off with figuring out what our recovery point objective is. What is our tolerance for data loss? But other things we want to consider our the maximum tolerable down time and again, recovery time, objective and work recovery time, makeup, maximum tolerable downtime. But the whole idea is
these metrics have to be established
before I can figure out what sort of mitigating strategies I'm gonna put in place, which sort of recovery controls. Because if I have a very short recovery point objective, like we've already said, you can't just do a nightly back up, So we've gotta figure out what our tolerances before we can determine their mitigation strategies.

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