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The final videos in Module 08 are focused on databases. Databases are an essential component of many web-based applications from ecommerce, banking and financial services, to WordPress blogs. Concepts we'll be covering: - Database management - Database models - The relational model - Database integrity - Database security issues - Data warehousing and data mining

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all right. Now that we've talked about the software development process and some of the issues that come up with that felt enough software, we've looked at Web applications and some of their potential vulnerabilities. Let's go ahead and move into the topic of database management.
So when we talk about database management, the ideas we're gonna talk about first of all are what are the various database models. Then we'll focus in on the relational database model because this is the one that's very frequently used, and it's also extremely testable.
We'll talk about the integrity of databases along with their discussion. Then we'll look at a couple of security issues that we've really already talked about. A lot of the major issues for databases. We'll talk a little bit more, and then we'll discuss the idea of data warehousing and data mining. So those were gonna be our next topics.

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