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This short lesson introduces participants to their instructor, Kelly Handerhan. In it, Kelly establishes the goal of the course which is to help prepare for the CCSP certification exam.

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Hi, I'm Kelly Hander Han and I'd like to welcome you to the C, C E S P E class. And that, of course, hands were certified cloud security professional. And even though that's geared towards this particular exam from I S C Square, this would also help you prepare for another exam called the C C S K,
which is certified cloud security knowledge. Both very good exams.
And what you're going to see, of course, is an emerging trend in the clouds certification classes. As more and more organizations moved to the cloud, we want professionals that can help us make good decisions and understand what we're looking for in that environment. So again, my name is Kelly Hander Han. I'll be your instructor for this class,
and I do hope that you'll join us.

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Kelly Handerhan
Senior Instructor