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This lesson covers CCSP Domain 1 which is Architectural Concepts and Requirements. In this lesson, participants learn about the following: Why the cloud? Definitions and Roles. • Cloud service categories (SaaS, Paas, Iaas) • Deployment Models (Public, Private, Hybrid) • Key Principles of Enterprise Architecture • Network Security Perimeter • Identity and access management • Media sanitization • Virtualization Security • Threats • Business Continuity

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Okay, let's go ahead and move forward and well, look at Domaine One. And here we're gonna cover some architectural concepts and design requirements and just kind of get an idea off where we're heading with the remaining chapters. So in this chapter, we're going to talk about
or in this domain, we'll talk about why the cloud? What are the benefits that the cloud gives us? Why are so many organizations in such a rush to move towards the cloud?
What are they hoping to accomplish? We'll also talk about some definitions and rolls. Ah, well, look at the clouds service categories, and you'll always see this with cloud. Or you'll frequently see this. You'll see this A s as a service. So we have software's of service. Platform is the service infrastructures of service.
And of course, we're kind of branching out from there. You might hear
business. Continuity is a service desk Cop is a service, but the bottom line is this idea of service. We're looking Thio put some sort of element of our day to day operations up into the clouds.
Now, how this gets deployed, we can have used the public cloud the private cloud we could use a community cloud with several similar vendors are similar organizations, and there's also a hybrid.
From there, we'll move into talking about enterprise architecture. What are some of the key elements that are necessary within an environment to support enterprise activities? Will look at network security and perimeter management. Also a very big topic today. Identity and access management.
So how we provisioned user accounts and how we make sure there's accounts have the appropriate permissions rights to do their job while still keeping in mind. Principle of Lise privilege
media sanitization. So we may be sharing media with other entities, and as matter of fact, we probably will be sharing media with other entities in the cloud. It's not like we're gonna each have our own exclusive physical hard drive,
so usually were. Really what makes the cloud work is virtual ization. What makes that a reality in a possibility?
So what do we do if our elements of media need to be sanitized that we've been storing in the cloud? And yet we have this same physical hard drive that has many other organizations information with puppets with those ideas virtual security. So again talking about virtualization
and virtual machines, virtual drives.
We'll look at some threats to our environment clown, and then we'll talk about business continuity and what we expect in order to keep our business running, whether we have a failure of our organization or our cloud provide.
So that's what we're gonna cover in Chapter one.

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