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This brief lesson offers an introduction into Domain 2 of Cloud Data Security; which covers: • Storage architectures • Data life cycle security • Database Security • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) • Data Encryption • Key Management

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All right, let's take a look at Domaine two. And this particular domain is gonna focus on securing our data. So the first piece that we look at it, it's the various are the various architectures that are available in which we can store our data.
Then we talk about the life cycle of data and making sure that it's secured throughout all the stages database security, how we control input and output, how we control the back end and make sure that our data states protected data loss prevention and DLP systems.
Ah, that he keep ah, monitor on certain types of data and make sure that we're not having ex filtration issues.
Ah, talk about the need to encrypt information in the cloud and then how those keys get managed. So that's gonna be chapter two

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