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This short lesson offers an introduction into the module which covers Domain 3 of the cloud platform and infrastructure security domain: • Hypervisor security • VM concerns, vulnerabilities and weaknesses • Performance and operational complexity • Data center operations • Perimeter Security • Physical security

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Okay, so let's begin with domain or module number three, and we're gonna focus on the cloud platform and infrastructure security within the cloud. So when we talk about these, the first thing that we have to discuss is we have to look a virtual ization and all the many, many
benefits that come with virtual ization. They're absolutely true and absolutely accurate.
But the thing that we have to consider is there still vulnerabilities and weaknesses associate ID with vote virtualization. And if we don't have a hardened system, regardless, we have weaknesses.
All right, then we'll talk about performance and operational complexity when our service level agreements need to mandate and how we're gonna accomplish
meeting the goals that our customers expect from us. We'll talk about operations at the data center itself and the perimeter security, which often ties in very close in with physical security. So here we're looking at the responsibilities that Cloud service provider has
to provide security for our resource is through the choices that make virtual ization,
making sure that they provided we need operationally and then looking at the physical security and the surrounding security

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