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This lesson covers the security services of cryptography and covers the following topics: • Privacy • Authenticity • Integrity • Non repudiation

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now our next step, let's talk about some of the security service, is that cryptography can provide us okay, traditionally, and even today when you say the word cryptography, most people, the vast majority of people, go immediately to thinking about encryption for the purpose of pricing,
right, we're gonna keep our secret secret where take plain text
translated into cipher text that nobody can read. And absolutely cryptography does give us privacy. That's one of those things that we very much
that we're very much wear of. Yes, privacy is granted by cryptography. However, there are lots of other security service is that we can get with cryptography as well. For instance, authenticity
authenticity means that we're able to verify the origin of a message so we can validate that claimed identity or verify that claimed identity. So, for instance, when I get one of those e mails that says, um,
we're from Capital One and your account's been compromised, please click on this link and reset your password.
Well, when I get a message purporting to be from my banker from my credit card company or whoever that may be, I want to make sure that that's a legitimate message that it truly comes from the origin I expect it to come from now. I'm still not saying that I'm gonna click on links and e mails. Those days should be done for all of us.
But ultimately being able to verify the origin of the message.
The message says it comes from Kelly Hander hand. I need a reassurance that it does all right, then, integrity. I need a guarantee, a reasonable assurance that the message hasn't been modified. It hasn't been changed in trans. Now those changes to the file could have become corrupted.
Or it could have have been modified more maliciously. There could have been intentional modification,
but if there is modification of a file, I need to know it. That's integrity. And then the final service non repudiation non repudiation combines off until I'm sorry. Combines yet integrity and authenticity. The two of them together.
So basically a singer can't dispute having sent the message
and also can't dispute the contents of the message right. So we get the guarantee that it comes from Capital One and the contents have not been changed or whichever company or whichever entity so these security service's are a central privacy, authenticity, integrity and
non repudiation

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