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We conclude this series on redundancy, as well as this module, with a discussion of additional data redundancy strategies. In many applications, the need exists to recover data quicker than is possible with standard data backups. Also, depending on the frequency of those backups, it's possible to lose a entire day's worth of data. In many situations this is unacceptable. The additional data redundancy methods discussed in this section are database shadowing, electronic vaulting, and remote journaling. Database shadowing and remote journaling are concerned with backing up databases and their transactions. Situations where being offline for only a few minutes can be catastrophic for a company's bottomline are those involving ecommerce.

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Okay, so it's worth mentioning that, um, we may need recovery quicker than we would get with backups. So, for instance, if I do a nightly back up, what I'm really saying is that I'm willing to lose a full day's worth of data
because I could have a total failure at 4 59 in the afternoon. And I can only restore from the day before his backup.
So if we need more current nous in our data backups, one of the things we might think about his database shadowing, which is very much like mirroring information, is written to two copies or two different databases, usually on different media as well. At the same time. In that way, if we have
one database failed, the transactions are there on another.
Ah, we may also want to use Elektronik Volk vaulting the big word or the key word for vaulting is the batch process. So maybe every hour we send a batch of are in a batch means all of our transactions for the last out
remote journaling focuses on sending the transaction files where the logs
that would be used to rebuild the transactions if necessary. So for Elektronik vaulting, think batch
processing for remote journaling. Think about the transaction balls

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