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This section begins a series in which we investigate each of the authentication types. In this section we have a look at TYPE I authentication. We also point out that the CISSP exam my refer to these authentication types by type number rather than by the descriptive names commonly used to refer to them. TYPE I authentication is concerned with something you know such as a password, PIN, or account number. We note that there's a fine line between the process of identification and authentication. The discussion then turns towards threats and best practices to mitigate threats directed towards TYPE I authentication. A common type of password is what's known as the cognitive password and is derived from information about us. Many passwords are based around a pet's or child's name. Birth dates are perhaps the most commonly used methods. The weakness with cognitive passwords is that much of this information is publicly available about us online. Other types of risks that result from weaknesses with particular methods are discussed along with mitigating strategies.

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