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Things take off fairly quickly in this section as we dig into IAAA. As with many of the other sections in this course, we examine the threats and exploits present with each process. This is a reminder that threats and risks are an ever present reality in the online world and we can never let our guard down! We begin the video by mentioning that secure software design is vital and begins with the process of authentication and identity management. It's imperative to use secure technologies in software and systems design as this is the surface where attackers focus. Authentication and identity management consists of several key elements. We mentioned in the intro section that identification is about making a claim for who you are. In turn, authentication is the process whereby users support their identity claim. These controls are managed via services, policies, and procedures for managing and provisioning a digital identity. These security controls are then in turn audited annually under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX). This is essential for maintaining legal compliance by organizations bound by this law. We then discuss credential management and the exploits targeting identity and access processes. A few of the exploits covered are cross site forgeries of credentials using cookie theft. Other credentials that are vulnerable to theft are passwords and session IDs. It's essential that measures are taken to secure these items! The section is concluded with a discussion about solutions for mitigating the aforementioned risks. A common risk in this area is that of privilege escalation. Credential management is an important process for protecting unauthorized access especially with the move towards super sign on solutions. An example of this is using your Facebook ID to sign into many different accounts.

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