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This lesson offers a brief introduction to the module which will cover security engineering. Security engineering encompasses security architecture and design objectives which include many sub-topics.

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all right. Moving right along. Where? A Chapter three. Where we have security, engineering and in the security engineering checker. We really have two distinct sections, the first section being the principles of sexual design, where we're actually looking at
the architecture of systems will talk about the trusted computing base elements, some security models,
ah, security, architecture, er and evaluation criteria. And then in the second section will talk about cryptography and cryptography is absolutely, positively huge. Huge, huge on this exam. So it's it's very lengthy section. There's a lot of information about cryptography. So, um,
this is one of those changes that when they went from a 10 domain environment down to eight,
they put cryptography wears It used to be part of its own domain. They've now included it under security engineering. Quite honestly, I'm not crazy about that change, because cryptography is still a very big part of this exam. But until everybody's paying $600 for a test that Kelly Hander Hand writes,
I don't get much of a say in the organization of things. But
make sure you know that even their cryptography is now not its own domain. It's tucked up underneath security engineering, very, very testable

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