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In the final module in this course we take a look at the source of many of the vulnerabilities that exist in the IT world. Much of the blame can be placed on unsecure software. It's certainly easy to blame developers for this unfortunate state of affairs, but it would be unfair for them to shoulder all the blame. We mention that a large part of the reason that software is unsecure is because designing and creating secure software is typically not a priority. In fact, it's often an afterthought with the emphasis from management to simply ship working product. Topics we'll discuss in the remaining videos are: - Development methodologies - Common software architectures - Monitoring and auditing of software - Adversaries and threat sources - OWASP Top-10 vulnerabilities for web applications - Change management - Assessing vulnerabilities - Databases - Verification and validitation - Secure disposal of software It's a long module, so buckle up! The finish line is in sight.

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