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This video kicks off another relatively brief, but important module. The topics of incident response, forensics, and fault tolerance and recovery should appeal to those that enjoy crime and CSI-themed TV shows!

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Okay, we're moving on to Chapter seven. We are almost there. Once we finish Chapter seven, just one more to go. But right now let's talk about security operations. Now, this chapter, you'll also find to be a little bit short.
And that's because in many of the other books they include business continuity, planning.
And, of course, as you know, we covered that in Chapter one. It's just a matter of preference, but this will be a relatively short chapter because the big things we're gonna talk about instant response, which will then be contrasted with forensics. And then we're gonna talk about fault, tolerance and recovery.
So those were gonna be the issues. We'll talk about it. We'll get started in just a moment.

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