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Video Transcription
Hey, everyone, welcome back to the core. So I want to just fill this quick little video after our lab three, where we kind of talked about crafting a phishing email. We have a couple of courses, so we have one launched, as in the time of this filming, which is a USB dropped tak course. So it's a great course on social engineering aspects, using US bees
specifically how to craft attacks with those. So this is by Sean Bear. He's an awesome instructor. It's a really cool course,
a lot of neat stuff in it, so definitely check that out. We also have, and it's not quite finished yet, but we do have upcoming fishing courses well by Dust and Perry. So that should actually be as of the timing of this video being filmed and should actually be coming out within the next couple of weeks. So depending on when you're watching this,
you may see it in the catalog. If you start for fishing or if you're
watching this course right after it's come out. Just keep in mind that there will be a fishing course coming out as well, and again Dustin goes over some really cool stuff in that course. So I just want to give a quick shout out to both those guys on their course. And they are actually both also working on a physical penetration testing courses. Well, right now, so
definitely check that out as well. So if you're interested in all this social engineering, all this penetration testing is type of stuff.
We've got a whole lot of stuff, including all those lovely videos for the breaking stuff with Joe Siri's Eso again. If you need to find those in the catalog to show you real quick, just type in B S W J. And you'll see the whole gamut of all of those videos. Now he's got, I think, at least, like 30 or 40
of these things in the pipeline. So they're all little short videos on different tools.
That's good news for penetration testing.
So just f y. I had all those things, a lot of cool things coming out. Of course, I have more courses coming out also have some collaborations with people as well
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Social Engineering

We will explore some fake social media profiles, craft our very own phishing email and malicious payload using the Social Engineering Toolkit (SET) in Kali Linux, and play the “victim” by opening the malicious file.

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