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This lesson focuses on inter-organizational change. Anytime a company does something different, makes a change, there are security concerns and risks. For instance, in a corporate merger, from an IT prospective, there is a great potential for risk. A company needs to look at their assets, what needs to be protected and how to protect them. This lesson also focuses on regulations and industry standards, which can be industry specific, example include:

  • PCI DSS: payment card industry
  • FISMA: government
  • HIPAA: healthcare
  • Sarbannes Oxley (SOX): C level executives

The unit also discusses the risks involved when introducing new products and how is can effect organizational security.

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In our online CompTIA CASP training, you will learn how to integrate advanced authentication, how to manage risk in the enterprise, how to conduct vulnerability assessments and how to analyze network security concepts and components.

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