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This lesson focuses on the concept of layered defense; which focuses on the following physical security controls:

  • Procedural
  • Technical
  • Physical

The unit also discusses the following corrective security controls: - Preventive

  • Detective

Layered defense is the idea of having a series of defense mechanisms to create the maximum security. This lesson also discusses the waterfall model, which pertains to software development and is designed for long-term projects and allows for a very large gap between when a product is defined and when the final product is produced, which might have negative effects in a company that undergoes constant change. Under this model, software development goes through five phases: - Requirement

  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Verification
  • Maintenance

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In our online CompTIA CASP training, you will learn how to integrate advanced authentication, how to manage risk in the enterprise, how to conduct vulnerability assessments and how to analyze network security concepts and components.

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