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In this section, we look at Insertion Attacks, HoneyPots and the benefits of deploying Pseudo vulnerabilities to lure hackers into non damaging areas of the network. We do a toll-by-tool review of vulnerability tools to protect the network and software, for instance Padded cells like Java's Sandbox, HoneyNets and what they are, and Email Vulnerabilities such as Protocol Weakness and Social Engineering. Prime example, why to train users on Fishing and Spoofing Attacks and what administrative and technical controls can be deployed. Many people today wouldn't think that faxes could be the source of a security attack. So you'll learn about how faxing services can be compromised and what techniques can to be integrated to vulnerabilities and unauthorized access to the network.

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CISSP Archive (10 Domain - 2014)

CISSP 2015 Domain Restructuring