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We continue with CISSP, Operations Security by looking at Network Security and were our vulnerabilities occur. We how many network services are vulnerable so what to look out for discuss weaknesses such as open ports, password cracking and how effectively user passwords can be cracked, and even how easy now that dictionary entries – meaning the actual data entries entered into the dictionary data file can be compromised. You'll learn about Password Cracking Techniques, Rough Infrastructures, War Dialing attacks and an example of how that works, and why knowing how to develop strategic preventive measures. We take an in depth look at Reporting and the steps involved, what corrective actions are necessary within the Change Control process, and document everything. You'll also learn an invaluable lesson why reviewing log files are a key preemptive & preventive measure and what to look for when conducting File Integrity Check and why both are a significant best practice. And finally you'll learn what's met by Traffic Padding and how as a network traffic analysis skill, its critical to perform regularly based upon the value of your assets.

Course Modules

CISSP Archive (10 Domain - 2014)

CISSP 2015 Domain Restructuring