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Our second chapter, Operations Security focuses on short term IT security control mechanisms. Operations Security is the day-to-day aspect of providing security and from an IT perspective such as data backups or network monitoring. You'll learn about various types of security mechanisms and how they can be utilized to maximize security of corporate assets. For example, security operations entails the process and procures of implementing security, facilities management and system backup would be operations security. You'll also learn about the general principals of Information Security such as simplicity, separation of privilege, and incident reporting. We'll define information security principals such as what fail-safe discuss what it means as it relates to Operations Security (physical) and why that's a different meaning than fail safe for systems (IT). You'll learn the disadvantaged for Open Source vs. Closed Design and why closed isn't a good form of security. We'll define Psychological Acceptability and dive deep into layered security in terms of security control mechanisms, and access control functions. And then we'll explore how to deploy these mechanisms to strike a balanced approach to physical Operations Security.

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