Video Description

In this final video in Module 5 we discuss the Diamond Model. The model provides analysts with a simplified visualization of threats. We examine the four corners of the diamond, how the edges function, and the use of meta-data. The four edges of the Diamond Model are:

  • Adversary
  • Capability
  • Victim
  • Infrastructure

An example of this model in use is its application to malware. The discovery of an IP address can lead to a command and control server (C2) which may correlate to an adversary. Multiple victims may be an indication of a larger incident. The adversary may have the capability to conceal its presence using spoofing tactics. Threat actors engage in campaigns and can consist of several different types with varying goals. These actors can be cybercriminals, hacktivists, or state-sponsored hackers. Perhaps the most difficult adversary to detect is the privileged insider.

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