Operate and Secure Virtual Environments

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Hello and welcome to Sigh Berries Comp TIA Certified Van Secreted Practitioners Certification Preparation Course.
This is a continuation of margin on a five, which is tired of whole security controls.
These are objectives which encompasses this particular marja. Let's not briefly take a look at
operate and secure burger environments.
This is actually 2nd 5 of this particular margin of five.
These objectives, and they are as follows we could begin by this defining describing, software defined networking.
What is a hyper visor virtual appliance continuity? And was your resilience
attack in kind images and shared storage? But before we get going, let's take a look at this pre assessment question and is as follows. Which of the following is most accurate concerning virtualization security? Is it a virtue? Machines can be secure as well as the hyper visor and underlying hardware infrastructure
be on. The hyper visor can be secured,
not the underlying virtual machine. See, virtual machines are only secured by securing the underlying heart. Where infrastructure lastly D virtual machines by nature always insecure.
If you said a you absolutely correct because Bert Machine can't be security is what as a hyper visor and the underlying heart where infrastructure
This brings us to software defined networks. Now this has been a key bus and the computer networking our I t industry. With that never computer requirements increasing stories needs of today's enterprise data centers where we see designers have sought a much more flexible, dynamic means of interconnected these various devices.
So in short, the goal of the soft defined networking intern, Able Car computing and network engineers administrator to respond quickly to the changing business requirements. Very a centralized control console,
these revolutionaries on chains have been prompted by seven vomits changes within the IittIe industry's worst resulting from the business demands.
Then we come to the term call virtualization. Basically think about birth was a sin. Multiple operating system runs independently on the same physical machine is, in fact, what can best be characterized as virtualization. In this case, system resource is a share. You have increased fault, tolerance, rapid and consistent deployment
and also reduce labor costs.
Then we come to the hyper visor.
It's part of a private cloud that manager, the Birch Machines and so hyper visor is what controls and allocates the portion off. The heart or resource is each operating system should get in orderto everyone. I'm get what they meet and not disrupt each other, so we have a hyper visor that matches that particular process.
Now there's two types of high provides that you may be aware you have a tight one, these hyper Osborne to regular on this system. Heart work. Other words. The bad metal embedded hyper visor. Then you have the type to heIp advisor they run on. The host operating system provides virtual ization surfaces such as input. I put the vice support as well as memory management.
Well, you think about a virtual plants.
A good example. Be a switch could be a router, firewall and so forth. So it virtual plans of software application residing, operating in a pre configured virtue environment or platform. Virtual plants are access remotely by using do not require local install hardware.
Another area that we need to have this continuity and resilience it wouldn't get in. The escape was isn't resilience with verse two and network system ability to withstand sling and arrows of life and operations from human errors to migration fails to natural disaster.
So Artie continuity is a holistic approach to manager technology system in the event off what we call a major disruption. So you may ask what type of of attacks and kind of marriage is that we need to be aware of. First of all, attacks would be disclosure information leakage,
introspective exportation, deception, identity fraud. So these are just a list of what we call the different types of attacks
Now for security, kind of marriage is weak again. Weakened and implement. Would call access control trusted virtual domains. Sam Boxing
Authentication Certificate based. So these are some marriages that we can put together to what minimize or mitigate that process. So we think my access control. It makes use of authentication authorization mechanism in order to verify the data that network in it and and forth distinct privilege levels of each
a term called sandbox. In this case that used birch machines, sandboxes, in order, provide security in the largest scale collaborative environment. Although this works focus or network birch machines host and virtual work states and this concept can be extended to virtual networks, sandbox are used to limit birch machine access to physical resource is
preventing malicious virtual machine
from accessing data within other virtual machines
well again, we are. So again, we have these two different types of economy. Just a name, a couple here. So far
we have a term called shared storage. It's a such lies doubt in one place. Higher is more than this that in today's bins environment, it's imperative that data be a suspect or in 24 7 bases and not be objected to what we call hardware issues.
So, for example, if a physical server fails when shared storage pool is available, you can power up your V M, the work station from the failed server to a different host.
In this way, the Veum, the work clothes will continue to run without any data laws, since that that I was saved on the shared storage system, not on the local drives off the failed server.
This brings us to our post assessment question, and the question is as follows.
What is the technology term that enable cloud computing and network engineers administrative to respond quickly to change in Venice? Well, Karma's Vera, a such life control
console is a software defined networking. Be virtual plants, see hyper visor or D virtualization.
If you said that a you're absolutely correct. Now donuts presentation, we begin the price of defining exactly what software defined network was all about. We define what is a hyper adviser of virtual appliance. We also discuss continuity and resilient as we also took a look at attacks and kind of marriages
and lastly, shared storage
and our upcoming presentation. We continue on with such and six taking a look at mobile device security. Look for to seeing the very next video.
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