Network Types: LAN, WAN, MAN & PAN

LAN, WAN, MAN & PAN Our first network type is a LAN, for local area network found in office or home environments.  It’s a tightly located network and smallest network type. When multiple LANs are connected, they create a WAN or wide area network, and use telecommunications lines to communicate.  The largest WAN in the world is the Internet. A metropolitan area network is a local network that’s spread out over a large area such as with a city government, with college campuses.  These are networks that span several blocks but are in close proximity to each other which is centralized over a large area. PANs are personal area networks, this is the network types created by say Bluetooth or infrared which connects us to more than one of our individual personal devices.  Think cell synced to our laptop and Bluetooth speakers, etc.
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