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Network+ In A Nutshell

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Network+ In A Nutshell

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Welcome back to the Network plus Certification video series
on Mike Redmond, master trainer here to help guide you through your successful journey of becoming a network plus certified technician. We're gonna walk through a wide variety of topics, starting with basic network concepts all the way through network management and security.
I'll describe the importance of the county, a network plus certification. Explain what the network plus conducive for you attempt to illustrate the structure and content of the company. A Net Plus certification exam, plus offer some helpful strategies. Intents to help prepare you for the network. Plus
the network. Plus is an industrywide vendor neutral certification. It's been developed by the Computer Technology Industry Association, or COMP TIA, and proves that you have the basic competency of supporting physical networking systems.
Passing the network plus proves you possess conceptual knowledge of various networking aspects To seek a career networking. This certification is a credible stepping stone. The network plus demonstrates that you have the knowledge equivalent
to a network technician with at least nine months of practical networking experience.
This requires one computer based medical choice exam, which is widely recognized throughout the I T industry
So if you were trying to decide if the network plus is right for you, ask yourself some simple questions. If you meet these following criteria than the network pluses for you, have you established a solid handle on networks and
a jump start on the basics? Do you need to learn physical wiring requirements and wireless networking principles?
Do you need to learn the TCP I P fundamentals? Do you wanna add value to your knowledge base and resume? Are you seeking to increase your professional worth? If you answered yes to any one or more of these questions than absolutely, the network plus is for you.
So who is calm? Tia? They are a non profit industry wide trade association. They include members from computer resellers, value added resellers, manufacturers and training companies
that were founded in 1982 and offer certifications for a wide variety of computer industries. Like
a plus, I met, plus Security plus in many others. There are no prerequisites for the network plus or networking experience. There are no special training courses or materials required. However, you must pass a multiple choice exam with 100 questions.
You'll have 90 minutes to do so, and the minimum passing score is a 7 20
The company network Plus is separated into domains,
network architecture, network operations, network security, troubleshooting and industry standards, practice and network theory. Each domain is weighted slightly differently, so based on your strengths and weaknesses, you'll be able to focus your study time.
So what's the best way to prepare for the network plus exam?
It's all about focus and structure. You should obligate your focus and effort to reading the text book. You need to be sure to answer each of the practice questions at the end of each of the chapters,
you should complete all the lab exercises. There are many more practice tests on the seeding included with your textbook and should be used often. Any questions that you miss be served to go back to the tax to reference where you went wrong. And most importantly,
you need to set aside the right amount of study time
for you to be successful.
Well, they have it pretty simple, right? I know it could be a lot of information coming at you all at once, But don't worry. I'm here to guide you every step of the way you can do this. Just remember, study hard. Lots of practice questions
and you will succeed.
You will become a network plus certified technician. I'll see you next time.
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