Network Engineering Part 5

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Video Transcription
All right, Well, that takes us to kind of ah, brief intermission. So I, uh, I asked Joe, and actually, both of us have been in the military.
Joe, share some stories, and I'll share some tails. I had thought of one tael, Joe, but I think it's gonna freak people out, so I'll think of another one. All right. Sounds good. S Oh, yeah. Can can reach out to me as we were preparing this. So for those of you who haven't seen the other videos or didn't see last week's video,
just kind of the dynamic that we're going for here is just kind of having both was involved in these videos.
Make it a little bit more conversation, a little bit more fun. It'll let one of us in this case me, you know, answer questions and work with students while Ken is instructing and kind of just interject. Just tow takeaway. Kind of that video training sense of very, you know. Okay, I'm listen to someone talk and just move it more towards a conversational style.
So last week, I asked Ken to come up with some stories just of his time.
Working is assist admin So this is his revenge on me. They're making tell stories by boot camp. Uh um,
So I have one really good one that I'm gonna tell. So I'm an insomniac, a chronic insomniac. I You know, when I was a teenager, I would go three or four days without sleeping, and he's usually in times of stress. When there was something going on, I just couldn't sleep.
Obviously, leaving for boot camp is an extremely stressful time in a young person's life. So the week before, I went to boot camp from I left on a Thursday
and I slept Saturday night, and that was the last time I actually slept before I left for boot camp. For those who have never been to boot camp or at least Navy Bootcamp your first day, they don't let you sleep. They keep you up for 24 hours. Now that's done intentionally. So when they let you go to bed at the end of the end of those 24 hours,
you go to sleep pretty much instantly. You don't have time to think about. You have time to freak out. You're just locked into place and it kind of starts you on the routine of boot camp.
But again, I hadn't slept for nearly five days at that point.
Uh huh. So I passed out as soon as my head hit the pillow. I was gone
now, in the Navy during and I think in the other service I can't speak for them. But in the Navy, in boot camp, you stand fire watch.
So you're supposed to get up for about an hour to 90 minutes, depending on the division, depending on the layout, your they wake you up, you're on the rotation, your on the schedule and you stand in front of the door and you basically just stand still for 90 minutes.
Apparently when they tried to wake me up, I did not move, including when they slapped me in the face repeatedly. I didn't so much as twitch.
They were so freaked out, so worried they actually tried. They called for medical because they thought that I had died so they couldn't get ahold of anybody. Because it's boot camp. You don't. It's your first day. No one knows what they're doing. So they called for medical, They couldn't get anybody answered, so they just said.
Maybe he's dead and went on with their night.
So the next morning, R R R D C R Recruit division commander, basically a drill sergeant
comes in and he was an old school guy. Really, really cool guy, but very old school. So he actually brought a metal trash can from home to throw into the room. To wake everyone up is like the traditional sort of, you know, full metal jacket kind of training.
I did not move then, either. The trashcan apparently hit next to my bed, bounced away, and I didn't so much as twitch.
So he starts doing roll call, it goes down the names. He gets to, uh, my name and he calls it out. No response. And he calls it again. There's no response. And my bunkmate
great guy, I'm not gonna use his real name here. We'll call him Mike
looks down, realizes that I'm still asleep with the blanket over my head and just kind of raises. His hand drill surgeon says, Are you Perry?
And he says, No, petty officer, But I think that might be
so. I finally wake up. I have again. I've been slapped in the face. I have a bruise on my cheek. I have not moved all night on I wake up and there is a complete stranger an inch from my face, screaming as allowed as he can. And apparently he's been doing it for a while.
I jumped out of bed and I'm freaking out. I'm trying to figure out what's going on. He takes me into the office to yell at me, and he's like,
Perry, you slept her watch last night.
That did I.
I don't know what what to do here is like, How did you
How did you hurt yourself? No idea. And the kid who was standing next to the door that times like Petty Officer, we slapped him to try and wake him up.
And so the already see was standing there, was trying to figure how to punish me and finally looked at me goes, Well,
I could make you push ups, but already slapped you in the face. So I guess we're just gonna call it even.
Yeah, that was my first day in boot camp. That's how he got introduced. I got slapped in the face and screamed at
There you go. nice. Uh, well, I I don't I don't know that my story now compared to that, but I didn't want to talk about police call because that was one thing I was so excited about on day one of basic training with the army. So, you know, we had a shark attack day and that sort of stuff, and then basically that
new information we're gonna do police call. I was so excited. And I was like, this. The military is gonna be the coolest thing ever. Police call. Yeah, they're gonna get, you know, a bunch of guns. We're gonna go pretend we're police officers. This is so cool, man. I was the 1st 1 in formation. I was so excited. This is the greatest thing in the world.
And then they had his trash banks. And so I learned the police call was actually just standing in a line and walking and picking up trash. So heartbroken after that. And then, of course, you know the kitchen patrol? I thought the same thing. I call this so cool. I get to walk around like a security guard. Yeah, it's gonna be awesome.
I washed dishes. If you decide to go in the military, and it sounds super cool. It's probably really gonna spend a lot of time cleaning. Yes, a lot of fun cleaning.
I tell you what, Joe. I am an expert at brass A Wing. A drinking fountain. I will, uh I'll be my claim to fame. So the shiniest I couldn't get high dust from any building in the world.
All right, Anyways, we'll get back on track now so we could say on time and everything, but it was definitely good. It is good to have this little session share a little bit about us, hopefully make us seem more human. And not just a bunch of hackers out here doing chaos.
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