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Network Cables – Fire Safety PVS vs. Plenum Welcome to the Cybrary IT A+ Certification course for the CompTIA Exam, in today's lesson we are going to explore the specifications for some of our network connectors in terms of speed and transmission distances. We begin with a discussion with fire safety and that mean code compliance in terms of the materials used. After completing this lesson, you will know what a Plenum space is, what the differences is between PVS, where Plenum coated materials are required and why there is a significant distinction in how coated cabling is used. We also diagram the specs associated with each coating type and explain for example why PVC coatings are toxic and Plenum coatings are safer and under what circumstances that makes a difference. You'll also master when you must first observe fire, safety, building codes and local regulations and that is factored into your work as an A+ Certified Technician.

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Anthony Harris
Systems Analyst and Administrator at SAIC