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In this lesson we explore additional input devices which we can specifically label as multimedia devices. Devices such as webcams, digital cameras come to mind. Digital cameras connect to computing systems in different ways such as USB or micro USB, or Firewire and will often require software to assure functionality. Its purpose is the transfer of images. They will also have micro SD cards which can be removed from the camera and inserted directly into the card reading port for a computing system, which then reads it as a storage device. The higher end devices such as camcorders plug directly into computer and eliminate configuration overhead with real-time transfers, but it's still safer to have your image data saved as a security measure. Webcams vary as well, some are built-in, some are added on which require additional software. Some also have additional capabilities such as microphones as well as resolution quality which is sufficient based upon the need and use of the device. Lastly is the MIDI which is a specialized port that allows computing systems to capture output from a musical device.

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Peripheral Devices and Connectors

A peripheral device or auxiliary device, is generally defined as any device that connects to and works with the computer in some way

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