Mount Image Pro Decryption Summary

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35 minutes
Video Transcription
All right. Welcome to handling bit. Locker and fire. All file vault to encrypted drives with elementary and mount image Pro. That's gonna be a lot of fun.
Um, so really simply, you can go ahead. Use the speed of ever met tree to acquire discs either. Bit Locher file vault encrypted as fast as you can. You can get data on your hard drive and then take those hard drives with the appropriate passwords back to your
ah forensic lab or wherever you're examining a mat and, ah, use Mount Image Pro
to go ahead and get access to those images you know, in your
in your own time, go ahead and produce maybe unencrypted copies of those disks. I personally prefer to keep stuff in an unencrypted state for working on things like this just makes life easier. Or, you know, if you needed to extract files immediately or something like this Mount image pros a great way to do that. Say I at a case that involved I don't know email. And so I want to
snatch all the all the M Boxer
PST files, rost files or something off a disk. It might be a really quick way to get to him that way. Um, that's about all there is to that
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