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Motherboard, RAM, CPU and Power Issues Part 4 Out last lesson on Motherboards, RAM, CPU and Power issues is dual focused. We examine the two worse adverse events that can occur, smoke and a burning odor. Then you'll observe a demonstration of troubleshooting tactics in action o. We discuss several issues such as power supply malfunction which could cause smoke, or wires melting as the cause of a burning odor and how you can test to confirm failing those component failures. Then we demonstrate how to use various tools to perform troubleshooting test. For example the power supply testing tool, you'll learn how to correctly affix it to the motherboard, how to use it to test the power function for the power supply, whether or not the system should be plugged in to receive power before or after the testing tool is affixed and what other cautionary items one should be mindful of as this test is performed.

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