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Motherboard, RAM, CPU and Power Issues Part 3 Our next lesson examines intermittent device failures, fans, and indicator lights issues. For this segment we discuss how failures can occur and what steps you would take to resolve them. An intermittent device failure can be caused by bad connection or power failure. After completing this lesson, you'll know what to look for and how to confirm power or connection issue. You'll also learn about pin connectors to the motherboard, how they may cause a device or the motherboard itself to fail, what you can to as a repair. And you'll come to understand the importance of indicator lights, and how they advise of success and failures

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Diagnosing system malfunctions and finding a solution is an important skill for help desk professionals to develop. Expand your knowledge of the troubleshooting theory in less than an hour.

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Anthony Harris
Systems Analyst and Administrator at SAIC