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Motherboard, RAM, CPU and Power Issues Part 2 Next we cover several performance topics such as unexpected shutdowns, system lockups, BIOS resets, post code beeps, etc. you'll learn about behaviors that trigger adverse events and what troubleshooting steps you can perform to correct them. For example, you'll learn various event triggers that could cause an unexpected shutdown where the computing system is running fine then just stops and shuts down and how identify the cause and troubleshoot to resolved it. Another example is RAM and POST. We discuss what happens when the RAM module fails or it is not seated correctly on the mother board and why that makes a difference in how or if the motherboard recognizes it. And you'll learn what the acronym stands for, what the POST process is and when it occurs, and how you'll be able to determine that it has NOT run successfully.

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Anthony Harris
Systems Analyst and Administrator at SAIC