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Video Transcription
Hello, everybody. Welcome to lessen 6.5.
Monitor, evaluate and assess. My name is on hand, Dragon. And I'll be instructor for today's lesson.
The learned operatives of these lessons to identify it and understand all the process is included in the monitor, Evaluate and assess the main.
So you're probably bored to death right now. You know, off hear me saying that? Ah, this. But as I mentioned before in the sections, I will go through all the processes included on each domain.
Your sources probably bored as well off you know, me here and you hearing to talk about
of me talking about actually off each domain in each process. But, you know, it is necessary for you to understand the description off each demand, the purpose of it off each process. I'm sorry. And you know how it it integrates we covet and helps to achieve
the enterprise goals in alignment goals
in order to both Windex. Um, if you're actually planning to techniques, um, and also in order to implement our audit, carve it in your organization. So
here we go, uh, have managed performance and conformance monitoring
the description is to collect, validate and evaluate enterprise and aligning goals and metrics. You know, you have to monitor that. Processes and practices are performing against a great performance and conformity goals and metrics, and that's well provided a report on that's just, you know, that the process is actually
working us. Expect.
The purpose is to provide transparency, off performance and conformance and dr achievements off goals.
Um, you know, it helps to achieve enterprise goal as your one resemble portfolio off competitive products and surfaces and as well, for example, into particles you aboard quality of financial information and 11 goals. It helps achieve lemon gold stand, for example, quality. If I team management information,
then we have managed system internal control. You know the description is to continuously monitor and evaluate the control environment, including self assessment and self awareness, and enable management to identify control deficiencies on inefficiencies on to initiate
improvements, actions.
The purpose is to obtain transparency of key stakeholders. On there are, you know, the system off internal controls on GUS provide trust in operations, confidence in achievement off the enterprise operatives
it helps to Chief enterprise will do the tree, for example,
complaints with external loss and regulations and Ally Mangold's 11 for example. Ah, I t compliance with internal policies.
Then we have managed compliance with external requirements. You know, the description is to evaluate that I t processes and I t business processes are you know, I t's reporter business processes are complying with laws, regulation and contractual requirements.
You know the purpose is to, as you can imagine, ensured that the enterprise is complying with all the applicable external requirements. Like, for example, if your ah hospital you have to be complain with HIPAA or if you are handling credit card information, you have to be complained with P. C I. But not all in regulations but
also contractor requirements
like, for example, if you said you have a contract with a customer or even internal customer, you have to have to be external to your company but internal customer as well you have maybe a contract saying that you will retain information for five years, for example, I don't know
whatever controversy contractual requirements, you have to take it into consideration as well,
you know, the purpose ensured that the enterprise is complain with other political external requirements, Um, that it has to cheap Enterprise iCal zero drink complains with external laws and regulations and only a lineman gold 01 IittIe compliance and support for business compliance with external loss and regulations.
Then we have managed assurance,
basically the descriptions to plan its scope and execute assurance initiatives to comply with internal requirements lost in regulation and strategic strategic operatives. Remember that in the previous process, you know, just managed complying with external requirements. We mentioned, um,
light regulations. We mentioned, um, contractor requirements, but eery adding the extra strategic operatives in this case, for example, he doesn't have to be in a contract. He doesn't have to be in a allow our regulations, but, you know, maybe management upper management or, I don't know, the port of directors.
I told you that
you have to, you know, get into a new market onto your new country, untrue or into any continent. And you have to, you know, take that into consideration. Maybe you're on Lee operating in the United States. We have to move to know Europe or, you know,
Asia, whatever.
Ah, and you have to be taking that into consideration because you have to be complained with maybe local regulations in Asia or Europe or you have to be complained with her no
contractual requirements for
for customers over that, you know area, you know you have to consider that. And you know this process, my much assurance. Take that into consideration.
And the purpose of this process is to enable the organization to design undeveloped, efficient and effective assurance. Initiatives are providing guidance and planning is coping, executing and following up
Assurant reviews using a road map based on well except assurance approaches.
Uh, it helps to achieve enterprising old, for example, as your treatment plants, but it's sort of laws and regulations. But enterprises goal 11 is well compliance with internal policies
and a lineman. Goals are, for example, 11 I t compliance with internal policies.
What process has the mea is? Your one identify what that says is because in this in this section we only have four processes. But in this case is managed performance in conformance monitoring.
And remember that we talked about it on DWI told. We say that the purpose of these process to provide transparency, off performance and conformance and dr achievement off goals basically to collect, validated and evaluate enterprise and climbing goals and metrics. Ah
mentioned one. Enterprise Girls reported about mea
eyes. You're one from Temple Enterprise Goal eight optimization off internal business processes. Functionality.
Ah, and mentioned one. A lineman Goal Support about Amy is your one offer temple a lemon gold 10 quality off I team management information
in today's video. With this cause, all the process is included in the monitor. Evaluate and assess the main
again. You're also probably wart off me telling you about this this publications. But you know, these four publications are to go to for either winning Alexander student, for example, or implementing our art of being covered in the organizations.
Well, that's it for today, folks, I hope in the Siberia and talk to you soon.
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