3.23 Mapping Networks Part 1 EH

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Video Transcription
Hi. Welcome back to the course. In the last video, we talked about operating system fingerprinting. So we used things like end map and P zero f, which are both active and passive tools.
So in this video, we're gonna talk about doing mapping of networks. So in this in this video right here, we're gonna talk about installing Zen map and then we'll actually use it in the next video, and then we'll follow up with installing and using the manage engine op manager.
So let's go ahead and get started. So I am doing this video in the cyber. A lab environment. If you don't have access to that, you can run these different tools on your own environment. But we're not gonna cover that particular set up for this lab.
So go ahead and log into cyber. If you have access to that love Highbury Labs select the ethical hacker, practice laps and then select mapping networks.
That would be the lab we're in right here.
Then just click the start button at the bottom That's gonna take you to this screen. We're at
step number five. Make sure you turn on all the virtual machines already done so on my end,
then. Step number six. We want to select the Windows 10 machines. So the P Lab win 10 which I've already chosen here. And you just have to click on the name to choose it
the next step in our lab here. So just launch Internet Explorer's. I'm gonna go ahead and do that.
It might take a second or so to pull up here that's gonna launch the intranet page. And so, where you want to look for the Zen map? Execute herbal. So we're gonna go to tools and then Zen map, so tools at the bottom here will go ahead and click on that.
And then we're gonna scroll down until we see Zen map. We'll go ahead and click on that one.
So now you see the executed all right here. So let's go back to our lab documents and now says to click the Execute Herbal and then we're gonna go ahead and run it so we can eventually launch the Wizard.
All right, so let's go and do that. We'll click the execute Herbal might take a little bit of time to download here.
All right, We're just gonna click on run
and then it's gonna launched. Ah, with the installation wizard for us. Now, if you have a user account control set up here in Siberia, they should have that set up. If you are using your own environment, you have. If you don't have a set up, you may not get this prompt, but generally you'll see this and just say yes to that. Since we're installing this definitely sense that someone else's virtual machine you're loved into
well, say yes because we don't care if it
does anything nefarious.
So you have a license agreement here, you can scroll through and read it if you want to. It doesn't really matter. We're just going to say we agree to that.
Leave everything defaulted here and just say next
and then just installed
it's gonna install and Matt for us here. We're gonna give it a little time to do so.
So back in her lab document, you'll see here that basically we would just want to use all the default options and you're gonna install a couple things here. Is that map and NP cap. I'm just installed all the way through to you finally get to the end installation, and then we'll say finish
so it might take a little bit of time to unpack it everything and get it installed. So the reason we want and map networks, it allows us as we're finding different devices during our skinning in new Marais Shin. Basically, with the numerator on, we're listening out the different devices. So this allows us to get a visual aspect is very useful
in a penetration test. So that way you can then show your customers. Okay, You know, here's how you're
Network has mapped out. You know, not everyone has a perfectly mapped network lets you say like that. So, um,
we can map it out and give them a visual. The customer visual so they can understand how it looks and that we're different. Vulnerabilities are we could say, Well, you know, we recommend that you put a firewall right here because X. Y z so that's where the benefit is for it. So I see here we've got another license agreement. We're just going to say, agree to that on the installation here
again, all the defaults. Just leave it alone to say, install
so next next next all the way through in style install and just leave all the default stuff alone.
So there are many different tools. You don't have to use Zen map, which is a gooey version of en map.
Um, and then the other one here is Well, you don't have to use these other tools out there that will spit out the information and the easily digestible form as well.
So we're just gonna say next year.
So we've got finished here. We're gonna say, Finish now it's gonna keep installing everything else that we need here.
And it's this part Shouldn't take too long to install.
So, gang, just next, next, all the way through, install, install, install on. And eventually, we're gonna get to the very end here where we'll have it installed, and then the next lab, we're gonna go ahead and actually launch said map and put in a command and see what that looks like. See what kind of output it gives us.
So we'll just say next. Here,
you'll see here. We're at the very end here. Is gonna ask us if we want to create a shortcut. Of course we do. We're just gonna say next there,
and we'll go ahead and say, Finish here.
So now this close. We can close our Internet page now, so we'll go back to our lab document here. So we've closed.
You finished it? And that was closed in and explored. So again, in the next lab, we're gonna talk about actually putting a command and Zen map and see what kind of results would get back and this map in this lab. In this video, we were just talking about installing Zen.
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