3.27 Banner Grabbing Lab Part 1 EH

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Video Transcription
I welcome back to the course in the last video, we wrapped up our discussion on mapping Network. So we used a couple of different tools to Matt off the network and just get a visual understanding of what it looks like
in this lab. We're gonna go over banner grabbing. So in this very first video, we're gonna talk about just enabling Web service is so then we can use our tools to grab banners,
essentially all better grubbing issues. Just checking, for example. We could tell not to like Port 80
and just see what kind of response we get back. Obviously, you know, telling that runs on 23 or 23. So it should kick back some kind of errand general. It'll tell us the OS of whatever system were going for.
So let's get started here. So I'm using the cyber labs.
I do recommend those again just cause it's a lot easier on you as far as getting things set up. But if you're not using those, go ahead and set up Your own virtual servers were not gonna cover that in this lab or even in this course. It also just do a quick YouTube search on how to search out where you can get some different images.
So starting with this lab, get loving to cyber re in the lab environment and then select the ethical hacker practice laps.
Then you want to select the banner grabbing lab. That's when we're in there. Just select. Start at the bottom that's gonna launch where we're at right now.
Be sure to China and out of all the virtual machines, I've already got all mine on here. If you don't have a mom, just hover over them and click the turn on option.
And then we want to click. Excuse me, Connect to our server. So this P lab essay, Owen, we want it conducted that I'm already connected to it here. But go ahead and click on it if you know,
But then if you get the server manager window, pop up, go ahead and close it ever too close Mine.
Our next up here is actually click the exam pop icon from the taskbar. So let's go and do that. We're gonna scroll to the bottom of the page on this orange looking icon here. That's gonna be our ex champ icon So go ahead and click on that.
Might take a moment of soda, launch the exam control panel.
So what is going to do here is gonna automatically enable Apache web service for us on port 80 with the d e d w a running so *** vulnerable Web application running.
So next year, we want to connect to our Windows 10 machines. So the P land when does tense with his bottom one Here,
go ahead and click on that.
I took a moment. So to establish connection and pull it up for us.
But once it does, we're gonna open Internet Explorer, and then we're gonna type this address in the address. Parcels, http.
Cool. And force as four slash 100 to 16 savior one
force last e v a deceiving D v W A forest. Last log in night PHP. So
taking a second here, we're letting our windows machine and get all the way booted up here.
Um, so now I'm gonna screw his bottom and click on Internet Explorer.
Right? Remove this over here.
So again, we want to type in the address bar here. This http wanted to 16 days or 14 slice TV debut, a four slash log and a PhD.
All right, so let's go and talk Didn't so, http
colon forward slash forward slash 1 92.168 dot 0.1
ford slash d Isn't dog V as in Victor Ws a walrus and a as in apple
forward slash log in dot PHP and then just press the enter key.
All right, so we're getting air measures there, and that's fine. We want to get that. So
question one here, what is D v w a stand for? So if you remember, it actually stands for right up top. Here is the answer. *** vulnerable weather application. And again, when we clicked on that exam control panel that opened and enabled the Apache Web service that runs on Ford 80 with DV w a.
So the next for you, we're gonna go ahead and we're gonna use Tell that to try to get some information on our target machine
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