Module 7 Recap

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Video Transcription
this model, you have seen all the things you can insert into excel sheet.
So except for cells except formulas, which are very useful, they help with calculation. You still need to visually present your data if you're going to show it to someone. So if you're not using Excel just to calculate something for your own use,
but you want to present it to somebody else, you need to add some things.
For example, you need to add some shapes in order to make things look nicer.
Ah, you need to insert pictures if you're If you're whatever you're showing, has something to do with picture, for example, with buildings, objects, ah, layouts of buildings or something like that. Or if you're presenting some numbers of guarding Holy day Ah,
business plan and you want to add some pictures just to make things more colorful,
you can do that. You can also insert the equations off mathematical or physics or chemical formulas in it. If you're
excel is about these things
and, most importantly, you have seen in this model how to insert or create charts based on data you have collected are prepared
and trucks are best tool to visually represent data if you're in the business environment or if you're in academia in where I don't if you're doing some kind of social research or you're just collecting data from some
off his experiment or any kind of experiment, you want to put them together and then you show have to show them graphically how they function and what they're actually showing, because just looking at data for most of the people
makes absolutely no sense, especially if it's a big table. So if it's quite a lot of data, you want to represent them graphically.
And this is all about inserting objects. This is very important part of excel, but, ah, as many other things in Excel. It didn't require a lot of practice. And because there are so many fields on dhe, so many different uses for these objects,
I didn't touch
a love them. It's up to you to see what kind off
a visual aid you need for your own purpose, to choose, and then to practice how to use them
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