Mitigating DDoS Attacks

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Hey, everybody, welcome back. And this lecture we're gonna be talking about mitigating de dos attacks was good and dive into it.
So you know, when you're dealing with any type of network or infrastructure deed, all seeing is a major threat. Um, if you're exposed to the Internet at all, or if you have lots of users internally, it's just something that you should be concerned about because it does happen all the time, especially when you're in the club.
But the really cool thing about eight of us is that they use something called Utopia shields,
which protects your accounts from getting de dos. It's kind of like a free service. They just, you know, say, hey, we know this is gonna happen So we're just gonna at this as, ah, you know, selling point, giving you no bonus for using us. And it's really nice. Thank you. And it does very well. So we're gonna talk a little bit about that.
Um, I want to kind of break it down. So we're gonna be talking about, like, you know, be ready to scale your traffic surgeries, minimize your exposure, and I know what's abnormal and create a plan.
So let's talk about that. So
when you're ready to skill for traffic surges, you want thio, make sure that your organization is scaled out and ah is ready for those necessary moments when those threats to arrive this can help with the availability for resource is in the business as well. So, you know, if you're creating redundancy and your network
or, you know, creating extra East to us, says extra storage things like that, that's gonna be helpful. Regardless, if you're you know you're getting an attack. Helps with the availability, which is part of the C I. A try at. So you know if you know innocents or to go down, it might be better to have something or fail over, too.
That way, you know, you're you're still able to run the applications yourself to provide this seriously and you provide
and you fixed the fails service's and pick them back up that way, things air working back to normal. An example of that would be like a navy s volume is approaching that 10% capacity remaining. You could take a snapshot spent up a new EBS volume from that snapshot
with 50% more capacity than the original volume. What I mean by that is that you're creating a new
E. B s following that. Maybe, you know, you start out with 10 gigs. Now you're gonna open a new E V s volume with 15 gigs. Kind of like that.
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