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Video Transcription
moving on, We're going to take a look at these buttons down here in the middle of the screen. Now the options that show up here will be different based on which slide you are working on. This is another reason why it's important to know the names of the slides you were working on because thes options will be different but works similarly,
starting with the first button on the left, the ad item button will highlight one of the best features of the beautiful dot ai platform.
As we can see, when I add an item, it will automatically create another icon and text box. When adding this new item, we can see that beautiful dot ai will redistribute the other icons and text boxes so that they are all evenly spaced and distributed nicely across the slide.
This will continue to happen every time that I add in another item until the limit is reached.
To remove any of the added items, you need to just select it and hit the X button
moving on. The other item in the middle section, at least for this slide, is orientation. This gives us the option to change the layout orientation for the slide. Currently, it is selected on auto, but if I click on horizontal, we can see the layout changes.
This is a great tool to keep in mind if you want to keep your current slide but slightly change the orientation of your information.
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