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Video Transcription
Hello on. Welcome to this Microsoft 365 Fundamentals. Course. My name is Chris. I'm gonna be taking you through this course as we discuss everything regarding the base level involvement off Microsoft 365 So this video is the first in the Siri's welcome.
We're going to be discussing the whole course in this video, giving you a brief introduction and overview
of the whole thing on Also a little bit about myself. Why, you might want to listen to me. Why should you even bother? You know, that kind of thing. So So let's get started.
All right. So what do you need to know beforehand? Well, there's not much that you need to know at the very
literally. Like the bottom bottom level. Very basic understanding of cloud computing. No. Even we're not talking about, like, the technical base understanding. We're talking about what it is, how it works, that kind of thing. But don't worry too much. Even if you don't even have that, we're going to be looking to give you
everything you need to get started with this course we're gonna
We're gonna give you everything all the terminology or the keywords then we're gonna describe things to you and to explain everything for you effectively during this course. All right, so
let's have a look. So target audience. So this course I've intended this course for people who might, for example, might work in i t. Who are looking to actually get involved with cloud services within their organization. That's the first kind of target group that we're aiming for with this course here.
And also we're looking at anyone else who wants to acquire kind of a base knowledge off
cloud the cloud environment in general. Maybe no, even just Microsoft. 365 Maybe cloud fundamentals, like the overall design of cloud environments
on a swell as that, Anyone who's going to get involved in software as a service platforms, which is I will explain this later on in the course, but it's what Microsoft 365 runs on.
All right, so let's have a look at the learning objectives for this video, so we'll do one of these in every video as we go through every series of videos, even on we just basically describe what we're going to be covering in the video on what we're basically gonna be talking about what you hopefully will pick up on. So in this one, it's nice and simple, very easy.
We'll be covering what this course covers
and also a little bit of what you can expect from me.
With that said, Let's get the nasty bit out of the way. So hello, I'm Chris Christie. Meeko is my name. The surname is Italian, but I promise you I am all British. So yeah, that's my ugly mug upon the screen there, So I d like to work out a little bit. I am.
I've Bean involved in I t. For many, many years and my key focus point areas are systems, administration and hardware's where I spent
most of my career during this time
a swell as that I spent almost two decades now in I t and data in general. I am qualified Azaz, Microsoft Comp Tear on GDP are certified eso I'm a Microsoft certified expert. I do work
regularly and daily with Microsoft 365 in Does your
on. In my spare time, I stick with PC. I am a PC gamer, my best, and my favorite game is Halo. You won't you won't convince me otherwise. Best best game series ever created
in my spare time to get me away from the screen. I am Anak Wes Caper. Think underwater landscaping. That's kind of what we're looking at here. So I designed gardens underwater. That's what we're aiming for with this. All right, so enough about me. Let's talk about the course. All right, So the course content so
we would split them into modules, and within each module, there will be lessons to to go through.
So for the first module, we're going to be talking. Obviously, we're on less than 1.1 right now. That is the introduction and the meat. The trainer episode
nice and simple. 1.2 gonna be talking about what is Microsoft 365 We're gonna be explaining to you the basis of it. And then we're going to be talking about the core services and features that come with it.
Model to collaboration. We're going to be talking about teamwork, how to use it to collaborate with your team. And they were going to be talking a little bit about modern desktops. So modern desktops were talking primarily Windows 10 on possibly who knows in the future? I am betting money.
They probably won't be releasing Windows 11 any time soon.
Model Three is going to be covering security, compliance and trust. We're gonna be talking about endpoint management, Endpoint being a key word in this, it just means the devices at the end of the network. And then we're gonna be talking about security on compliance as well,
and then model for the last more job supporting planning. We're going to be talking about the subscription management of Microsoft 365 and also the cloud deployment models the different ways in which you can actually bring marks off 365 to your environment.
Now, throughout this course, we're going to be handling pop quizzes. I will put one of these in each of the sections, each of the lessons, so to speak, s So this is what they look like on the screen here. So in this case, very quick, one to show you kind of what they're gonna look like, what is the best game Siri's ever created? And I think you all know the answer to this.
I hinted at it earlier, and it is, of course,
Halo. Of course it is. So that's what we're looking at here. Now
what you might also see while we're going through, not just in pop quizzes, but also in the course of like through the lessons themselves are quotes and the quotes will be nice and bold. And we will explain why the quote is on the screen time. Now, look a little bit something like this.
Now that is actually Italian on the screen. As I mentioned, my surname is Italian, but I am English. But I do speak Italian
now. This says on already in Italian and our translators as qanda Ljokelsoy Finito. Every l paid only one on the last s a Scot Allah and that
it means when the game is over, the king and pawn go into the same box. That is actually a quote from Halo from Cortana, who is the AI in Halo itself is quite call very deep meaning and it's the first thing she actually learned in the game. So in the law of the game, I should say
so Anyway, enough about quotes and halo.
Let's finish up here shall way. All right, so video summary. So in today's video. We discussed who your trainer is on. What this course is about. Nice and simple. Very easy to get you started. But I hope you'll join me for all the other lessons we're gonna be going through everything. Microsoft 365 So join me in the next video
on. I will see you there. I hope this video's been informational for you.
And I look forward to speaking with you in the future.
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