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Video Transcription
Hello and welcome to this Microsoft 365 Fundamentals, Training course. My name is Kristen Mico, and we have reached the end. We are finally here. So this video is just to give you a quick recap on everything that we've done throughout this course.
Let's jump into it. We're gonna finish up by going over what we've discussed in the whole of this course. I can't believe it. We're at the end
with their people. We aren't there. Pat yourselves on the back. You've done amazingly well. So in module one, that was the introduction. We discussed a couple of lessons. So it was. What is Microsoft 365 on the core services and features that we covered four months or 365
What makes Microsoft 365
effectively on? We also had that silly little thing about introducing myself and, you know, showing you a picture of my ugly mug which no one really wants to see any more. Don't worry about case module to We looked at collaboration, so we had teamwork and modern desktops. So it was how people work together and how
the modern desktop helps you to collaborate as well those were the key things. With module to
Model three, we discussed security compliance and trust that included endpoint management security itself on compliance that comes under the kind of
the heading of, you know, the law effectively, the GDP are hipper, those kinds of things. And then the trust side comes from the endpoint management. It's the Do you trust that this person is who they say they are, for example, in the security element and in the final model where we are right now.
We discussed support and planning, which was the subscription management
on the cloud deployment models. So we talked about how to look after your network, how to make sure it was running right, getting Microsoft involved, looking at the right billing and licensing options. And then we discussed how to actually look at implementing Microsoft 365 on your network. So hopefully that's fresh in your mind
and you can walk away now or skip hopefully with the knowledge that you gained
and go and talk to your manager and go boss, we're gonna put Microsoft 365 in place and I know how to do it and yeah, hopefully you'll come back and spend a bit more time with me later on down the line. If you do want to talk to me, let me just bring up her fresh screen here Feel very free to come and find me on linked in
So my name
All right on the screen
so that you've got it there
Feel free toe Absolutely on me on linked in Okay, you'll see it's the picture of me that was in the first video with me with my arms folded But in a nice black and white type Really classy, stylish setting Feel free to add me So linked in is on there
Eso yeah, that's I use that for business. You know, if you've got questions to ask me if you want Teoh
discuss, you know, part things that you found in the video. Maybe you're like Chris. I think you're wrong. You know, we can have a nice, friendly discussion about that. Hopefully you won't come at me. Inflame me to death, but yeah, you can come along and have a chat with me
If you are a gamer like May. However on steam
you can add me if you want to come and shoot some bad aliens with me. My steam name
is that
capture him.
Put that on their interest. Eem. And you're very welcome to come and join me Halo on the PC.
If you haven't got it, get it And we're going to shoot some bad guys together. All right? Okay, guys, thank you so much for watching these videos. I'm genuinely honored to be teaching you. I hope you'll join me for future videos that I make. Hopefully, I'm gonna,
you know, make a nod over to my producer at some point on these videos and say, Hey, you want me to do anything else,
but Yeah. Thank you so much. It has been a genuine privilege. I love teaching. I love teaching you guys. You guys always give me the best feedback on. Do I look forward to many, many mawr conversations with you guys? And I'm very proud when I see you guys on discord and you talk to me on linked in
and you tell me that you know you passed an exam,
you got a promotion at work. You know, success stories. I love them. It makes me so proud that I was maybe involved in, you know, half a percent of helping you to gain that knowledge. That's good enough for me. That's why I do these things. So you guys thank you so much. I hope you will join me again for another course.
It has been a genuine privilege. I can't thank you enough.
But until next time, it's the famous saying, I hope this video has been informative for you, and I'd like to thank you for viewing.
Microsoft 365 Fundamentals [MS-900]

Microsoft 365 Fundamentals is a course designed to help both those looking for more information at a foundational level on the Microsoft 365 platform and service, as well as those looking to take the exam itself.

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